Sunday, August 11, 2019

Business Ethics and Leadership- Whistle-Blowing Essay

Business Ethics and Leadership- Whistle-Blowing - Essay Example To do this effectively, one also has to have a strong sense of leadership, vision and determination to continue moving forward with the ethical values which one believes are correct. Examining the several perspectives of whistle - blowing in an organization can also determine the ethical legitimacy that is a part of this as well as how it takes a specific sense of leadership to follow through with the situation. The Institution of Ethical Decision Making The current concept of ethics within businesses is now recognized as an institution. This is designed because corporations are expected to follow through with a code of conduct that assists with doing what is right and fair for employees and the general public. The institution began with the ethics that were associated with Enron and the complexities which came from the financial situation and deceptions which occurred. This was followed by several believing that a framework needed to be followed within corporations, specifically whi ch would create programs, guidelines and practices that would hold various companies liable for the actions which they were supposed to follow. The defined elements of this institution are based on the cultural and social expectations, relationship to politics and looking at withholding standards in real life situations which occur. By examining and contributing to these various expectations in the right manner, there is the ability to withhold the expectations through the performance of the company and the results which the public is able to look into (Ferrell, Fraedrich, p. 15). The framework which has been built with the institution of ethics is followed with the understanding of moral problems and how this creates specific responses from employees and to the public. The main response through the institution is based on ethical management, meaning that a company has to make specific promises to the community and follow through with these. More important, practices that would caus e harm to employees or the public are supposed to be prevented and hold to specific standards. While there are certain issues which don’t carry a difference between right and wrong, others are determined by the harm which it may cause, which becomes the basis for the standard business practices which are to be followed. While each business is able to withhold the standards and practices, there is also a direct association with others holding corporations accountable for actions which may become public at any time (Geva, p. 133). Ethics and Whistle - Blowing The concept of whistle - blowing is able to move up into an organization because of ethical standards which have been violated. These ethics are based on the institutional standards that are withheld by an organization and which are expected by the public. If there are violations of the employees, organization or to the public, then an individual has the right to point fingers at those responsible. Whistle blowing takes pl ace when an individual decides to point out the faults of a company, specifically with a focus on illegal, immoral or illegitimate practices that are taking place over the organization. It is expected that the response to the whistle blowing will be a large amount of publicity as well as mediation which takes place to resolve the issue. It is further expected that there will be sets of questions which are asked pertaining to

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