Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Training and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Training and Development - Essay Example It contributes greatly in the future of any business concerning with its performance as well as its productivity. This paper highlights the challenges of identifying training needs and importance of clear and measurable objectives. Moreover this paper also entails the role of adult learning principles in time of planning implementation strategies and the impact of workplace environment on the transfer of training. The Challenges of Identifying Training Needs In this essay, it is clear that the related case studies i.e. ‘Developing a training package at Westcan’ and ‘Meeting organisational politics’ demonstrated certain challenges related with identifying the training needs. The challenges of identifying training needs of related the cases are as follows: Lack of Training Packages As per the case studies, the one of the major challenges related with identifying the training needs can be attributed with the lack of training packages. In relation to the case ‘Developing a training package at Westcan,’ it has been identified that although the managers were enthusiastic about the training but due to the lack of adequate funds with Westcan Hydraulics, it was not possible for to offer training to the managers. Correspondingly, it can be argued that without adequate funds, it is quite difficult to identify and assess the training needs (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007). ... Hence, such inability of top level managers can be considered as another challenge in the course of assessing the training needs (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007). Decision Makers In the case of ‘Meeting organisational politics,’ it can found that an John a professional working in the department of training proposed for interpersonal skill program for the section manager to develop interpersonal relationship but no one in the organisation take a vast decision for this program. Hence, lack of decision making initiatives also serves as a serious challenge for the assessing the training needs (Delahaye, 2011). Support of Management The most important challenge of identifying training needs can be associated with the degree of support from the management. Without proper support from the management, it is relatively difficult to identify the training needs. Similarly, the analysis of the case ‘Meeting organisational politics,’ it was found that when John asked the mana gement about the development programs in interpersonal relations for the section manager, the assistant director was reluctant to support the program which acted as a barrier for undertaking proper training need assessment (Delahaye, 2011). The Importance of Clear and Measurable Objectives It has been ascertained from the analysis of the case i.e. ‘A training experience’ that clear and measurable objective of the training and development objectives is essential requirement attaining favourable outcome. It has been identified that clear and measurable training and development objectives facilitates organisation to design its training program in the most influential manner (Clifford & Thorpe, 2007). Reduces Training and Recruitment Costs Another importance of clear and measurable

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