Friday, September 27, 2019

Analysis of the music video Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U Essay

Analysis of the music video Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U - Essay Example The song, Cater 2 U, has a general gendered meaning; that men will enjoy the rewards of love and compassion following a point where their female lovers notice that they are working hard. The music video casts feminine figures whose romantic actions could create an impression to the hard working man. In addition, it acts as a clear depiction of the level to which a hardworking man inspires his female companion (Sfetcu 16). When a woman notices the hardworking nature of her male lover, she will gain inspiration to make such a man happy and thus, want to accommodate him in a great way. In this perspective, a woman's submission to a man would be best when the man deserves it and thus, gives it back; a hardworking man furnishes her woman and gets back all the lovely accommodation. Form The text's enhanced application of formal techniques allows it to reinforce the overall meaning. The music video's shooting took place at a desert, which depicts a decision by the trio to go natural, which makes the video more authentic. The desert scenery, as well as the exquisiteness of the trio mainly enhances the clip. However, the presence of male actors seems to be superfluous to the music video's scene of female pleasures and bodies. However, the enriching nature of the feminine shooting acts as a balancing factor, which helps in driving the theme that the male actors depict to the audience. The natural lighting of the music video's shooting period helps in showing the natural feminine look of the females in the music video.

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