Friday, September 13, 2019

Anthropology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Anthropology - Essay Example In this essay, we will discuss the culture of Mormons, who share beliefs, values, and practices that are different from those of the United States. Most believers adopt particular political and cultural beliefs because of their religious doctrines. According to Givens (2007, p25), Mormonism is not only a culture but also a religion. Most people are serious with their religious beliefs and faith, which influence the way they live and relate with others. Most believers adopt political and cultural beliefs based on their religious views. For instance, an evangelic who believes that abortion is unethical based his/her beliefs on cultural and political views that flow in the religious convictions. Although not all evangelicals who oppose abortion, those who do base their arguments on religion point of view. As many analyze the culture and religion of Marmon, it is evident that there is war that exists in this cultural group and other groups in the United States. According to Davies (2000, p33), the biggest problem is the different interpretations of life that exists in this cultural group. Often, the culture have backed some local decisions and ignored some discussions discussed in the nation. For instance, while the majority support abortion in cases when the mother’s health is in danger, this culture believes that abortion is illegal at all given chances. The history and culture of the Mormon cannot be understood without an understanding of the Mormon religion. The great migration that occurred in 1846-1847 was one-step in the quest of the religious growth and freedom (Givens 2007, p66). The Mormon religion also known as the Church of Latter Day Saints; was established in 1830 by Joseph Smith. The founder had a strong vision in, which he claimed that he saw an angel who buried gold plates. From the vision, the founder believed that angels are spiritual beings who work hard to protect us from the harm in the society. In this case, the gold plate symbolized a ny material wealth that hinders and individual to live a fulfilling life. Mormon practices and beliefs such as polygamy contributed to an increasing intolerance for some Illinois citizens. The reason many criticize this subculture is that at some point, Joseph Smith announced that he received a revelation from God on allowing polygamy. It took great courage to expose this subject to the public bearing in mind most religions criticize this concept. Most believers were willing to enter into the agreement set by the founder and many did this after much praying and anguish. Unlike other subcultures in the United States, the outside world was hostile to the plural marriage. Regardless of the challenges faced, the church gave its way to preserve the existence of the faith. There have been contentious issues regarding this subject in the 20th century. According to Yorgason (2003, p22), there are over 30, 000 people practicing polygamy in Arizona, Montana, Idaho, and Uta who believe that th ey are preserving Mormon customs and beliefs. In essence, many have adopted that this is the best way of life based on the teachings of the church. For the past years, the Utah government has criticized polygamy and in turn, this has affected Mormon culture. The government believes that polygamy should not be allowed at any given cost as it promotes immorality and adultery. The American government has also taken

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