Monday, September 23, 2019

Diversity and Belief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Diversity and Belief - Essay Example The first aspect that Chaves discusses is ‘belief,’ the current trend towards belief is very different. Few Americans today are not enthusiast on a particular literal reading of the Bible as they did few years ago. And many are opting a diffusion of spirituality. One of the attribute that Chaves has described as the cause of lowering literal bible reading is due to education. Education system has been formulated with a very rigid curriculum that has cast aside the literal bible reading. The weakening in religion can also be attributed to the gradual drop of religious meetings, elderly congregation and less cohesive. In today’s world there is an increase of televangelists who are characterized with unending scandals and other disgraces that have surrounded a church like catholic. Most of the Churches that are likely to suffer this is the congregations that are more liberal, those that are conservatives seems to be affected in a minimal way. Chaves indicated that lo wer membership in liberal churches is not as a result of liberalizing ideas, on the contrary more people are to the opinion of liberal idea. A puzzling question regarding this thought is, are the liberal ideas religious or humanistic? One of the most amazing trend of American religion since 1970s is that conservatism and religiosity are embedded together. This a false sign that most people perceived since they thought that the force of religion was developing which was not the case. Another phenomenon that was perceived as a reason to dictate that religion was growing was the introduction of Mega churches, which focuses on crowds and programs. Many churches are not concerned about religious belief, they want to be perceived as huge churches with numerous is due to such reason that suggests that religion was developing gives untrue perception since only more people are

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