Thursday, September 12, 2019

Workplace Learning and Human Resource Management Essay

Workplace Learning and Human Resource Management - Essay Example Because of the continuous political, social and economic changes that are taking place within the external business environment, organizational learning is necessary to ensure that each employee is prepared and ready in terms of addressing business and non-business related problems that may eventually hinder organizational success and its overall performance. The nature of formal learning is based on curriculum (Module 1 - Workplace Learning and Human Resource Management n.d.). Usually, formal learning approach takes place within the four-corners of the classroom. On the other hand, informal learning is referring to incidental and unstructured learning which could take place anytime within the work environment (Levenberg and Caspi 2010; Rogers 2003). Therefore, one of the main differences between formal and informal learning is that formal learning is strongly supported by either educational or training institutions except for informal learning (Levenberg and Caspi 2010). Not everyth ing that the workers need to learn can be taught and learned from a formal workplace learning intervention. Given that each employee has the option to learn through informal learning, this report will identify and discuss the reasons why organisations can never or should never rely entirely on formal workplace learning. In conclusion, the learning and economic benefits associated with informal learning will be provided. Eventually, a list of recommendations based on the factors that could hinder the practice of informal learning within the work environment will be identified and thoroughly discussed. Reasons Why Organisations Should Not Rely Entirely on Formal Workplace Learning Limitations of Formal Teaching Techniques Learning that takes place within a formal learning environment normally applies a teacher-led type of learning process (Dillon and Maguire 2007, p. 168). Since a formal learning environment does not always give the learners the opportunity to learn through continuous interaction with other learners within the group, information gathered by the learners is usually limited in terms of fully understanding concepts and theories behind what is being taught in class. Likewise, learners within a formal learning environment may not have the opportunity to ask or be too shy to ask specific question pertaining to what is being discussed inside a formal learning environment. Another limitation associated with the use of formal teaching techniques

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